Thursday, December 15, 2011

17. Holdays

I honestly can't believe it's been virtually a month since I last posted. This may be the longest break I've ever taken. Not that it matters. I've been having fun enjoying life ! That's what really matters, right?

Thanksgiving came and went, and now it's only 10 days till Christmas. 16 days till New Years Eve, and that also happens to be the day my Fiance proposed last year! Its hard to believe that any of this is even going on. Since we were always the couple who would never get married. I guess being together for 7 years changes things. ;) Thinking of doing a post looking back on that day before the end of the month. Not only to be able to try and live it a little again, but share it on the new blog as well!

I wanted to leave you guys with some pictures of what's been going on this past month since I'm short on words and time at the moment! Greg and I threw our first Holiday Party/Birthday Party! Went To San Fransisco for 2 concerts, and got our Christmas Tree! Add work and that was our month in a nut shell! Sorry for the cheap Instagram photo's, but my phone is always the best means of documentation since its always on me. 

 Birthday girl and I
 Pre-Party set up
The goods
 My Morning Jacket
 Best coffee in San Fransisco
 Future SIL
Left: Joel, Right: Fiance

Hope everyone is having a great week.