Tuesday, March 5, 2013

tuesday tunage: alt j

My husband and i have been totally digging alt-j for quite some time now. it was one of those things where i thought they were relatively unknown and then bam, they were all over the place. if you still have no clue who they are check them out. you won't be sorry.

Monday, March 4, 2013

worst blogger of the year award

i guess i should just give myself the worst blogger of the year award for 2013 already. because i can't say i've bee doing very well about updating. i guess a lot of the time its hard to want to put anything up here, because often i feel like most of this goes unseen. i think thats something i need to look past so i can feel more motivated on a daily basis. 

with that being said i just wanted to share a little something i did last night while relaxing. the original image is not my own. go check out her blog for more awesomeness. if only i had that much talent and direction a her age. 

for more of her work visit