Thursday, June 13, 2013

open for busniess

well, i actually followed through with something. in the past few years i have had about a million ideas. blog this, make that.... but i never seem to actually apply myself. that's my biggest problem, inherent laziness. i have never really applied myself 100% to many things in my life. my wedding being the biggest exception. i planned the shit out of that. so for me to actually have an idea and to fulfill it, is a monumental moment for me. so i hope it pays off. please take a look at my new etsy shop, creatures of the fog. i hope this leads to big things, more consistent blog posts and much more. 

Monday, June 3, 2013

coming soon: crystal and silver jewelry

recently i've been woking on getting an etsy shop opened. at the moment i don't have a lot of inventory to put out, but am happy with they start of this. the intention is the keep the line similar to the necklace shown above, but i plan on adding rings, earrings and who knows what else.  i used crystals, wire, and a small piece of abalone shell on the front. i still haven't settle on a shop name. so hopefully something will come to me soon. i need to get these babies up! let me know what you all think, i would love some feedback. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

a week in instagram picture.

life has felt pretty much nonstop recently. after a whirlwind move, catching up with friends, and trying to get to know more about our new city i feel ready for something a little slower paced. luckily working from home is making this pretty easy. trying to cook up a few post for the near future. its amazing being in such an inspiring place. until then, i leave you all with a little of my week in instagram pictures.

1. yummy sangria during date night
2. makeup isn't common these days. needed to be documented. ;)
3. 4. drinks at wilson and wilson. this is a really cool speakeasy style bar in sf. its actually 3 different bars in 1, and used to be a real speakeasy.
5. hanging at the our favorite park with one our best friends. i actually took this one off of her instagram. 
6. hotel huntington. i've taken way too many pictures of this sign already. my husband and i stayed here for his birthday for about 4 years ago now. weird to live so close to it now.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

tuesday tunage: iggy azalea- work

 there is just something about this chick that i love. i've been listening to this song a lot recently, well all of her stuff for that matter. maybe i feel like i can relate at this moment in my life... not really sure what it is. just totally dig her. oh wait, it's probably dat a$$. haha

Friday, May 10, 2013

an explanation

wow. to say the least, this hiatus was not planned. to say a lot has been going on, is also putting things lightly since i last posted my life has basically taken a complete 360. 

after my husband and i got married late last year, we really thought things were going to change for us. for some reason we had it in our heads getting married was the first step of many to basically start the path to building a better life. ( it still is when you look at the bigger picture of life, just not according to the perfect picture we painted.) well, things didn't exactly go like that for the first 6 months. my husband was unhappy in his job, i thought i would leave mine and start school right away. so needless to say we felt a little lost and even trapped. 

i was trying to make the best of it. see we knew we would be moving no matter what. husbands job was moving him to a new office a lot closer to the area of california we wanted to be.  so i started to look into school around the area of said move. eventually i found one in san francisco. not where we would be moving, but close enough to make a commute work. i toured the school and started enrolling. 

randomly one day my husband sent out a resume. to only one company. a few days later they responded, asking for an interview. to make this already long story a little shorter, he got the job, we found an apartment and moved in the matter of about 2 weeks. moved to SAN FRANCISCO at that! and if you have followed me at all, you know this our favorite place, and also the city we got married in. so it holds a lot of meaning for us. 

at this point i still feel like i'm on some sort of weird vacation. where i work at home and stay in someones very cozy apartment. i feel so amazing about our future at this point. the idea that things happen if they are meant to happen is exactly how i feel right now. all our stars have aligned. our planets must be in just the right faze. okay, ill cut it out with the hippie bs. 

while are really just settling in, i already feel so at home here. in just a little over two months time i will starting school, so i have at least till then to explore and get to know my surroundings. i'm in a state of pure bliss these days. i often find myself smiling from ear to ear most days for no reason at all. 

whats your favorite place? i know we all have that city we feel was made for us. and i finally live in mine. 

image from our wedding album 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

tuesday tunage: alt j

My husband and i have been totally digging alt-j for quite some time now. it was one of those things where i thought they were relatively unknown and then bam, they were all over the place. if you still have no clue who they are check them out. you won't be sorry.

Monday, March 4, 2013

worst blogger of the year award

i guess i should just give myself the worst blogger of the year award for 2013 already. because i can't say i've bee doing very well about updating. i guess a lot of the time its hard to want to put anything up here, because often i feel like most of this goes unseen. i think thats something i need to look past so i can feel more motivated on a daily basis. 

with that being said i just wanted to share a little something i did last night while relaxing. the original image is not my own. go check out her blog for more awesomeness. if only i had that much talent and direction a her age. 

for more of her work visit