Wednesday, May 22, 2013

a week in instagram picture.

life has felt pretty much nonstop recently. after a whirlwind move, catching up with friends, and trying to get to know more about our new city i feel ready for something a little slower paced. luckily working from home is making this pretty easy. trying to cook up a few post for the near future. its amazing being in such an inspiring place. until then, i leave you all with a little of my week in instagram pictures.

1. yummy sangria during date night
2. makeup isn't common these days. needed to be documented. ;)
3. 4. drinks at wilson and wilson. this is a really cool speakeasy style bar in sf. its actually 3 different bars in 1, and used to be a real speakeasy.
5. hanging at the our favorite park with one our best friends. i actually took this one off of her instagram. 
6. hotel huntington. i've taken way too many pictures of this sign already. my husband and i stayed here for his birthday for about 4 years ago now. weird to live so close to it now.

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