Tuesday, November 8, 2011

14. 10 Months

Well, I can't say I've been doing a great job at blogging! Nothing wrong with that. Usually means I have been enjoying my life instead of filling it with internet time!

Speaking of time, its exactly 10 months away from my WEDDING! Those are words I never thought I would type, speak or write down. Ever! Needless to say I am getting more excited each day.. and more nervous! In a good way. Planning is quiet at the moment. Hopefully I can stock pile all my energy and save it for when things start to really get crazy around March! I'm guessing sleep will no longer be in the cards about 6 months out. I get a little to anxious in any exciting situation. This being my wedding, I'm sure my ever present anxiety will be in overdrive! 

The other day I finally treated myself to a 'real' haircut! I say 'real' because for the last  years I have been cutting my own hair. Not exactly ideal. Luckily, it never look horrible. Needless to say it was great going to a salon and being pampered a tad. Doesn't hurt that my hair is finally looking healthy and has more than one layer!

And a quick pic of my hair! 

P.S. Thanks again to everyone who helped vote in the contest.We didn't win... but there was a lot of effort put in by a lot of people! Thanks Again!


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