Thursday, January 5, 2012

18. A New Year

2011 is now gone, and a new year has taken it's place. I think for now I'll leave last year where it belongs. In the past. So no post about my non-eventful yet fun NYE. 

Nothing can top last years anyway. Being proposed to is by far the best way to spend such a night! So major props to my Fiance for coming up with such great plans, and doing just that. For those of you not around ( and because I frankly just want to relive that day a little), I'm doing a recap of last NYE .

One year ago, on NYE...
Okay, super cheesy way to start, oh well.
So, January 31, 2010 we left for our favorite city, San Francisco. All the while I was thinking it was just a regular weekend get away, boy was I wrong. The boy had a lot planned! For some reason, the morning of this day practically slips my memory completely! I'm guessing because the rest of the day was so magical. I remember getting pizza for lunch... and that seems to be it. What I do remember is how he dropped me off to get get one of the best mani-pedi's I've ever had! Why was i not putting things together at this point?! NYE trip to my favorite place? Being pampered? Man, I am sure slow! Next we took a walk down Haight St to find Greg a beanie, where he insisted we go for a walk in Golden Gate Park next. I on the other hand was anxious to our hotel and check in so I could get dolled up for the night! So with little fight I decided the walk in the park could still fit in!

Let's just say, I'm glad I did. 

With ring in pocket, camera in hand, we set of on a little walk. After finding the perfect spot he asked me if we wanted to make a New Years video to share with our friends in family. He set up the tripod, asked me to go stand in the frame to make sure we could both be seen and joined me on the little grassy hill he had found. Needless to say, he poured his heart out, dropped to one knee, and pulled the most amazing ring out of his pocket. I cried, we laughed... and of course I said yes. I never thought I would be this lucky. Or to have it all on video! 

The rest of the night was amazing. I could hardly keep myself from crying almost the entire evening. I felt like my heart was bursting I was so happy! We went to the best bar Bourbon and Branch( you need a password to even get in!), and ate some of the most delicious french food at Bistro Central Park. Perfect in my eyes. I feel so lucky sometimes. 

 ^^^ this was the spot!!
Just a few pictures from that day! 

As for resolutions this year, planning a wedding is my top priority. I takes a lot of work! I feel like it could almost be my job! Others include :
•Becoming more fit
•Cooking more
•Sew more
•and to try and be as happy as possible!

Happy New Year !


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  1. So cute Amelia! I can't believe you have it all on video! Seems so perfect :D. I'm so happy for you!