Thursday, January 19, 2012


For some reason I had a really hard time trying to title today's post. So I opted not to! Oh well, can't win them all.

I wanted to talk about wedding dresses. Also the fact I finally bought mine! I don't know about you other girls out there, but that finding one was truly hard for me. Being the picky girl that I am, I knew this would be the case. With that in mind, I tried to prepare myself as well as possible by looking at as many dresses online as I could.The idea of buying a wedding dress actually terrified me. I was so afraid of picking something I would end up hating by my wedding day. ( I change my mind on an hourly basis about things mind you.) So this was by far the hardest of all the wedding decisions to make. Okay, maybe the guest list is harder. People REALLY like to invite themselves to weddings it turns out.

Back on topic. Exactly a year before our wedding, I tried on my first dresses. Visiting 3 places in 1 day, and coming out of it thinking I had found THE dress. WRONG! I'm glad after that day I decided to give myself a few months to ponder over it to make sure it was really the one. After a few weeks of not being able to bring myself to stop looking, I decided I actually really disliked the dress. It had elements I was looking for, but it wasn't me. So back to square one. 

A few more weeks go by, and now find myself actually avoiding going back. After a little push from my Fiance and a few phone calls to my Mom, aunt, and older sister I had my next appointment. I decided to go back to the first boutique I went to. They were having a Watters trunk show, and how can you pass up 10% off?!?! I couldn't! Well, my budget couldn't!

Knowing a little more about what I wanted I told them the dresses from the collection I had my eye on, so we grabbed a few and got started. 3 was my lucky number. The second I put the dress on, I just knew. It was exactly how they said it would be in all the stories. I don't think I had even made it out of the dressing room before my mind was made up. I was so upset having to take it off!
It's still a little hard to not look at pretty new dresses online, but I'm incredibly happy with my decision.

Sorry for such a lengthy post! I don't think I could have made it any shorter! I can't thank Christine and  Epiphany Boutique enough for how great of an experience I had. So fun and relaxing. It doesn't hurt she offers free alterations and a custom made veil with every dress purchase. A nice veil alone can cost you! If you click the link you can look at her blog and see the top half of my dress! So Greg, if you read this... NO PEAKING!! My sister and I are the second picture down!

Okay, I'll stop now. 



  1. It looks so beautiful! The details on the top half looks amazing.

    Regarding the Myfitnesspal! I actually started using it last year and its the only thing ive used so far to lose weight! I'm currently 50 pounds down since last year.. from ONLY using that app! Its god sent!

  2. Thanks so much Gabby! I am so in love with it!

    Yes, it is a god send! I wish I would have know about it sooner. Maybe I wouldn't have gotten so far off track! haha 50? way to go!

  3. so glad you went to Epiphany! Christine is absolutely wonderful! That's where I got my dress altered and it fit like a glove. Mine was number 3 too and I felt the same way. It's a wonderful feeling. And you picked a winner :) looks stunning on you in the photo!

    1. Thanks so much Jess! I was really glad I went to Epiphany in the end, too! As you can see I had an amazing experience. Can't wait to shoot engagement photo's btw!!