Thursday, February 16, 2012

24. Pressure

Valentines Day has too much pressure if you ask me. Whats the big deal? When I was single and in High School I always felt so ' oh, poor me blah blah', but that just gets old. The last few years its become a lot easier to just plan something low key. It turns out that it's usually the best way to actually enjoy the day ( even more so when it lands on a workday/night)! My Fiance and I kinda of love to be at home anyway, so it works for us.  Kinda males you realize you found the right guy, when all we need to do is be at home to be happy. <3 So after work the night consisted of me throwing a paper airplane love note across the office, beers after work, uno, and burgers ! All in all, a pretty awesome night. Don't you think? Here area  few Instagram photo's from the day. <3 
 My Handsome Valentine
He wants to 'Be Mine'
My attempt at making my all black outfit look Valentine's day appropriate. ( pink nails and jacket!) 

I hope everyone had a great day no matter how you choose to look at Valentine's Day. 


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  1. sounds like a lovely valentines to me! love the paper airplane note- so cute :)