Tuesday, February 7, 2012

23. Girlie

Normally, I feel like dress a bit edgy, or even manly at times. That can tend to drive a girl into a serious style rut. I for one get tired of even my own ways of dressing after a few months of the same items in rotation. With spring on its way again ( seems to already be here in California) I wanted to embrace more girlie colors , soft lines, and flirty embellishments. I really loved ASOS's ( uhh do you pluralize that? haha)' Sitting Pretty ' spread, it pretty much embodied my need for adorable, feminine, yet still age appropriate clothing. I still think I would trow on a pair of black boots and leather jacket with most of these outfit. I still can't break my old habits. ;)

( all images from asos.com)

Happy to say I also recently picked my bridesmaid dresses from this store as well. Needless to say I'm a fan of the online retailer. 

Tomorrow marks 7 months till the best day of my life!!! As well as my handsome Fiance's 29th Birthday! Going to celebrate with some french food and a camping trip to , Big Basin on Friday!



  1. Very Cute! I like the colors for Spring!

  2. Love the sequined jacket. Modern mod...