Monday, October 3, 2011

10. Rock the vote

Hey guys! So, I need a little help from everyone right now. I am currently trying to win a contest for free wedding photography . I would love it if everyone could help me out by voting for my Fiance and I. We are couple #1 out of 5! The contest is open till the 15th, and you can vote each day. Once on the website, once on facebook (go to albums and like couple#1). Please and thank you to everyone in advance! this really would be a dream come true for us. Since we are working with such a tight budget this would make all the difference.

here is the link to the facebook

and to the actual website. Again, please visit both if you can.... and once per day! I know etthis seems like a lot to ask of strangers over the internet... but I figured it could only help matters. 


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