Friday, September 30, 2011

9. A bit of beauty

I really hate spending money on beauty products. Like A LOT. So much that I'm pretty sure I went about 2 years with out buying hairspray just because I thought it was a waste of money. But then I started to realize I kind of looked like a shaggy dog most days. Not exactly the best look, except maybe while camping. Even though I'm pretty sure I will never try to not look cute while camping. 

So yesterday while trying to figure out how to get my hair to not be a big puffy mess I decided to make my own leave in conditioner. It seems to be doing what I want  it to do at this point. Controlling some frizz and making brushing a hell of a lot easier. I don't ever really heat my hair. Air drying is usually the only thing I do after brushing. So I'm not sure of how the results might be if I were to blow dry is. 

Alright, so what this is all I did. Super simple. You may even have everything at home already just like I did. 

First: Take any spray bottle. ( I used an old product bottle that was empty and washed it out.)
Second: I filled the bottle about 1/2 way up with cold water.
Third: I took my daily conditioner and added about a table spoon or so of the conditioner ( I really just squirted some till I though it would be enough)
Fourth: Shake well.
Fifth: I added a few pumps of my Argan Oil into the mixture 
Sixth: Shake well (again?)

Now use! This may not be anything special, but it worked for me and it was technically free! So that's always a plus.  I'm going to make a hair mask this weekend that I found on the beautydepartment   .So maybe that to come soon. 

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend! 


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