Wednesday, January 2, 2013


hello 2013, goodbye 2012.  for me, 2012 was a pretty great year. i got to finally marry the love of my life. we've made a few other changes, some good... some to the contrary. all in all, i would have to say i have at least had more up than downs in what seems like forever. i hope 2013 and expand that feeling even further into the future.  

this next year i hope to accomplish more goals. in 2012 i set what was probably an idiotic amount of goals for myself. most i would have never had time for while planning my wedding. see,  i'm very envious of the woman who seems to be able to get it all done. blogging, child raising, sewing projects, mastor home decorating, gourmet cooking accomplishments that i could never dream of, it's really just not me. at least not me now. we all have room for a little self improvement, right?

i'm sure i've said this a ridiculous amount of times, but i really hope to start blogging more. 
it's something i had hoped to start doing as soon as we were done with the wedding. i just found myself so burnt out on most things blog oriented, i really just needed to stay away. luckily i feel like i have the means, energy, and motivation to finally try a little harder this time. i hope to bring more content, to introduce a few things i haven't tried yet on the blog for the most part. so i hope you guys will stick around and see whats to come. 

stay tuned for a little wedding a new years eve fun!


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