Wednesday, January 23, 2013

getting off track

after spending most of my mourning pouring over the chanel spring/summer 2013 haute couture show, i realized its been ages since of made a post regarding something like this. it's shows me  how much i have actually strayed from my original format for this blog. i'm not saying thats bad, it's just nice to get back into something that reminds me of the reason i originally started blogging. fashion. 

when i say i'm in luuurrve with this. i mean it! from the striking, heavy handed black, almost winged like eye makeup, to the amazing contrast and combinations of leather, lace and feathers! here are just a few of my favorite looks. 

all images via

i love second dress the most. probably because it seems to be the most 'wearable' in my eyes. thinking of maybe trying out the eye makeup for a fun little shoot!

happy hump day.

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