Monday, January 7, 2013

lazy sunday

now that the holidays are over i feel like my husband and i finally have time for a little more lazy time at home. granted, cleaning the house and cooking doesn't exactly fit the criteria of lazy. that's just what we like to do on a sunday to unwind for the work week. i'm currently seated between a very needy cat and dog who keep fighting for my attention, sipping on a glass of wine while my husband finishes up dinner. he's the cook in the house you will soon find out. this coming weekend i'm going to start a weekly cooking feature with him. i can't wait.

today both my husband and I tried using coconut oil in our hair. well, he actually tried it in his beard to be more specific. ;) the results were great. it added a lot of shine and seemed to smooth the texture for both of us. one of my best girlfriends has been telling me to try this for quite some time. i've also been told its great for oil cleansing and soaking your feet in. i think I might have to try all these. i'm slightly obsessed with all thing coconut these days.

how did you spend your saturday?

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