Friday, September 9, 2011


I had planned on getting my first post out a few weeks ago, guess that didn't really happen! Welcome, to California Dreaming. If you came over from my older Blog 'faking IT' thanks for stopping by! The reason for the change was pretty simple. I just wasn't happy blogging in the space I had created. I felt like I was limiting myself on the content I wanted to share with people, and I really just needed a change. This year is a major changing point for me. Yesterday marked one year till my Fiance and I finally get married! We have been together for what seems like forever, so it's a really big step for us! I really wanted to open my blog up to share a little bit of my experience with this and anything else I wanted. Ha! I guess that's fairly vague , but it's sort of my intent. No limitations.

First order of business , I wanted to talk about Pinterst!... and how addicted to it I am. When I got engaged a friend told me to join and boy was I glad she did. I was saving all my images in a file on my work computer of all places. ( Not the best idea when i think of it now!) It wasn't really a helpful organizing tool. So now I use Pinterest. I'm pretty sure you can just sign up now. I had to wait for an invite for a while when I first singed up. It gets addicting let me tell you! I even found a few recipes on there and actually baked them! ( I'll show you guess my trail with donuts soon.) So go check it out!

Just a few Polaroid snapshots I did of my Pinterest account.

....And my Fiance and myself on our 6 year anniversary on a hike in Henry Cowell State Park in here in Cali.

Hope everyone enjoys there weekend! I'm off the San Francisco to start our wedding planning! 


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