Tuesday, September 13, 2011

3.Fall in California

I always feel a little left out of seasons when it comes to living in California. Especially the Central Coast/ Bay Area where I'm from. We are FINALLY getting into our ' Indian Summer' , pretty much a mild summer to most peoples standards. Its pretty much the same 60 degrees all year round. I guess I can't complain. No need for drastic wardrobe changes from summer to winter. It all pretty much works. The one item I have found I need each year once fall/winter rolls around are good boots. When the weather does decide to feel a bit more authentic it does help to have the right shoes! I've found that I need a new pair each year because I seem to always walk big holes through my right shoe. ALWAYS. It's not very fun when it's starts raining and you end up with soggy feet for the day! Especially when in the City! So now I'm on the hunt. Again. Because once again.... right foot is being exposed in ALL of my boots! GRRR! My Fiance says its because I'm more of a 'truggder' not a walker! Hmm, maybe I should practice feminine walking? Can you even do that? Someone let me know! Back to the topic, boots. I'm really looking for a pair a little more stylish compared to the normal combat/big rain boot kinda of boot. Not so technical with the names... I know! A few of my favorites so far:

Jeffery Campbell

Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!

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