Monday, September 12, 2011

2. SF

This weekend was one of the best , most productive, utterly tiring times I've ever had. I now have a lot more respect for people who manage to plan and produce huge weddings , because this stuff if not just... but hard! I'm lucky enough to have a fiance who is actually involved in the process of planning. Who wants to add input, who talks about more than how much money I'm going to spend, and is genuinely psyched about the whole thing just like I am! That really showed this weekend.

We took a little day trip to SF to look at the garden we wanted to get married in and talk to the owner of the restaurant we are having the reception at.  Everything went much smoother than I had planned. We got done so fast that we actually had time to enjoy some of the day in our favorite city. (  currently working on convincing the fiance we NEED to move there. We will see. ;)  ) Beers, Pizza, and lounging in the sun at Washington Square Park. Perfect day.  I tried on my first wedding dresses on a whim the next day after brunch and may have found THE one. I'll be sleeping on that one for a while though. ;)


  1. I love the purdy pictures! Sounds like a perfectly lovely weekend. San Francisco is so alive, so nouveau!