Friday, September 23, 2011

6. Flying by

This week went by WAY too fast. I have a feeling this year will somehow be the slowest/fastest moving year for me, EVER. I know that sounds silly... but when you are looking forward/stressed out by something like I am with our wedding.... you probably catch my drift when making comments like that.

 A few major things have already been taken care of. I'm trying to make it a goal to figure out one things each week. I'm a very high stress type of person... so taking it slow is a must for me. Staying organized and ahead of schedule is a must! Venue for the ceremony is officially ours. The restaurant is making up a contract as we speak.... and I may have even found my dress! I went out on a whim a few weeks ago. I called a local store to make sure they were taking walk-ins that day, and sure enough she was! I was surprised by the dress I've pretty much picked ( trying it on in 2 weeks to make sure I still LOVE it). I had a totally different idea in my head of what would look good/thought I wanted. I guess sometimes we all surprise ourselves.

I think my new favorite way to kill time at home is painting my nails. I was never very good at keeping a good manicure. I hate paying for it.. and I always ruin it when I do it at home. I guess practice makes perfect. Here's my new favorite simple at home manicure:

Hopefully I'll make time to share my new Maxi skirt I made last weekend. I was in need of something new to wear and opted to make it. ;)


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  1. I get the whole nail thing! I hate going to get manicures because its pointless... unless i'm getting a pedicure along with it. I like the Ombre effect on your nails. You should watch tutorials online. They're easy to follow; specially the video ones. (i'm sure you'll have enough time with all your party planning! haha)