Wednesday, September 14, 2011

5.Mix and Match.

I've always thought about having a GOLD wedding band placed upon my finger one day. Not silver. Not anything else. Gold. Maybe it's only because in the past maybe that's all I had seen, or maybe it's because my mothers was gold. I have no idea why. I just wanted it. I'm pretty sure I still do. So here lays the idea of mixing and matching the metals on my wedding ring finger. Should I? 

I think it looks great when done right. I usually mix my metals in my jewelery anyway. So it's not an odd concept for me. My ring being platinum I would have to mix to get what I think I want! Hmmm, I already sound so unsure! But that's just me. Recently on A CUP OF JO she did this great bit on simple wedding rings. I really think I'm in love with this hand hammered 14k gold band! So simple and chic. Best part is the price. $16.50. Yes, sixteen fifty. 
I guess these stacker rings by favorJewelry ... oh well. I don't like rules like that. Thank you Etsy for always providing!

So what do you all think about mix metals for wedding rings?


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  1. I think mixed metals defintely solves the problem of "Does this ring go with my outfit?" I rememeber thinking this seeing women shopping in the grocery store, shiny gold diamond ring....and some sweatpants. Thats why I switch up my ring. The ring is just the symbol of the everlastin' love! Mixed metals sounds so chic.